Art direction and design. Visual thinking and then realization, that is our basis. Are you looking for a new design, corporate identity, or do you want to tell a story in images? Are you looking for someone who can create an animation or an infographic? Please call or email.

StudioJaap is Jaap van der Sman. I am an art director and designer. Always present at all parts of the process. Already at a first conversation the ideas come up. Thinking visually and then realizing, that’s my basis. I love typography, illustration, animation and beautiful, preferably narrative images. Because of my experience, I always know how to come up with new solutions. Translate content into images. That’s what I’m going for.

ruimte 7zes7vijf

Jaap works from studio 7zes7vijf


Studio 7zes7vijf is a creative hotspot in the Werkspoorkwartier in Utrecht. From the studio we work on individual but also joint communication projects.
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Yesterday Film specializes in high-quality historical animated films. We bring old stories to life, in image and sound. With an eye and an ear for detail. Playful and light-hearted. See