Program Immunology | The Healthy Generation (Gezonde Generatie) – SGZ

For the animation Program immunology, we have reduced a fairly extensive substantive story to 2.5 minutes of animation. The film contains scenes that are difficult to explain easily. We translated these into a storyboard step by step and in consultation. This resulted in an animation with many moving illustrations, but also movements that tell the story correctly.

A second challenge was whether the animation could be made gender neutral. We have developed a unique style with a loose drawing style. The Collaborating Health Funds and the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, supplemented with co-financing by the business community, made 17.5 million euros available for immunological research. Instead of looking at one specific disease, the projects looked for the underlying cause: the fault in the immune system. With this, the development of new treatments for many immune diseases can be accelerated and patients can be treated more individually.

Director and storyboard Jaap van der Sman
Script Kirsten van den Berg
Animation Wouter de Graaf
Illustrations Jaap van der Sman
Sound designer Werner Urban
Voice over
In association with Jannica Swieringa, Lisette Krul, Sanne Bom
On the instructions of The Healthy Generation (Gezonde Generatie) and the SGF (cooperating health funds)